Southbury Food Bank February Drive

Every February we sponsor a drive for the Southbury Food Bank. Each Sunday in the month we are asking you to bring in these needed items. You can also drop off at our office during the week but make sure you call first. THANKS!

Critical Needs – January/February 2017

Applesauce & Pineapple

Pancake Syrup/Pancake Mix

Pasta Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste


Mayo & Salad Dressing

Coffee (Instant & Regular Drip)

Soups: Tomato, Broth, and Lentil

Jelly – Apricot & Strawberry

Shaving Items (for men and women)

Deodorant (for men and women)

Feminine Products (Pads & Tampons)

Church Prayer Requests

If you would like to add your prayer request please email Pas. Garrett

Allan Johnson - Allan's father passed away on March 5.Pray for Allan and all of his family as they mourn their loss. Pray for his mother especially as she adjusts to her new reality.

Dottie Ortale was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma the version is P.O.E.M.S. Doctors are very hopeful that in 6 months she will get through this. Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom and that Dottie's husband Frank will see God's presence through this and will come to know the Lord. Pray also James that will experience peace and strength of faith.

Carol McCleary - Carol is now home recovering from surgery. She will need additional surgery Mar. 21st Pray that God will strengthen her and help her to have a good recovery which is expected to take 3 months.

Shannon Bain - Please pray that God would heal Shannon and remove this cancer from her body. Pray also for the family to experience God's peace.       

Jeremy Platt - Please continue to pray for Art and Jeana's son. He completed his last chemotherapy treatment. Pray that the treatments go well and that this cancer will be eradicated. Also, continue to pray that the entire family to experience God's peace.

Andy Gullberg's father -  Andy's father has a serious physical need. Pray for Mr. Gullberg's physical and spiritual needs andpray for comfort and calm for the family.

 Jane Loewer - Betty Shirk's daughter had surgery to remove a brain tumor last year. She is in South Africa for follow up treatments to deal with this tumor. Pray for a miracle of healing for Jane and peace for Wes and the entire famil

 Joan Lundy - Please pray for Joan as she continues to face pain and discomfort. Pray that she will experience relief and more stability.



Please Pray for these Local Ministries that we support

Young Life - reaching middle school and high school young people in our area with the gospel.

Acts 4 of Greater Waterbury providing for those in need in the Waterbury area with clothing, furniture, school uniforms and much more.  

Please Pray for these missionaries and fields that we support                        

Janice Quinlan - Thailand

 "Long Beach" - North Africa

Wes and Jane Loewer - Kenya

Paul and Stephanie Whitney - Kenya

Please Pray for our college students  

Nathaniel Bell - Virginia Tech

Jennifer Gumbulevich - Eastern Connecticut

Zak Lavish - Eastern Connecticut

Tristan Mayes – Plymouth State University (NH)

Alyssa Rhodes - Goodwin College

Michael Scinto – Messiah College (PA)   


Please pray for these ongoing concerns

Joan Lundy - Please pray for Joan as she continues to face pain and discomfort. Pray that she will experience relief and more stability.

Denise Casavant - Denise reports that the doctors said that she does not need surgery, but that they will keep an eye on this tumor on her kidney. Praise God for his work.  Please continue to pray for Denise. 

Rebecca Jones - Please pray for Rebecca as she has been experiencing physical problems.  

Art Platt's family - Pray for Art, Jeana and Art's mother as they care for his aging father. Mr. Platt is having many complications from aging.  Pray for Art and his mother to have wisdom.   

Lori Kastelein's sister, Melissa - Pray for Melissa who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Pray that God would heal Melissa and give her and her family His peace.

Kevin Rhodes and his family.- Following his mother's stroke, there are concerns for her ongoing care. Pray that God would give wisdom and peace about how to proceed.

Kathy MacWilliams brother Tom- Tom found out that he has a cancerous tumor in his leg. Pray that the Lord would heal Tom and bring he and his wife to faith.



Christmas Season Schedule

Here is our Advent and Christmas schedule, we hope you can join us!

Nov. 29, Dec. 4, Dec. 11th Sunday worship services -Sermons will focus on the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

Dec. 11th Children's Bell Choir! Angel Tree gifts and breads due today.

Dec. 11 & 18th Christmas Carol Singing and Choir 2pm Ministry Center-refreshments will be served

Dec. 17th Angel Tree gift delivery day, let Pam Fam know if you want to help

Dec. 18th Kids Klub, Proteen presentations and a special message from St. Nicholas 

Dec.24th Caroling at The Hearth Senior Center 5:30-6:15pm

Dec. 25th Christmas morning worship! 9:30am AP Room We will sing carols lead by our choir.(this will be a short, casual service) 

Jan.1st New Years Day worship 9:30 AP Room