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Pas. Jim's Blog

May 31st sermon follow-up

Garrett Walkup

There are a couple more things I wanted to share with you yesterday, but they didn’t make the “final cut” of the message.  If you weren’t there I talked about the challenges we face as a church in the Northeast and our role in it. You can listen to it right here and I encourage you to do so before you read on.

1.      First of all thank you for your kind words and encouragement after church Sunday about the message.  It was a different kind of teaching and I was anxiously praying about it hoping it would be received with the heart and intent in which it was thought through and prepared.

2.      The inspiration and content of that message really came out of a lot of stuff I have been thinking about and reading about lately. (A couple books and sites are listed below) But even to take one step back from there, it came from the CMA New England District leadership. In other words “my bosses.”  This has been an initiative we have been digging into a lot as a mission across New England, one which I have enjoyed greatly.

3.      The “seven things you can do” that I shared were things most of us do already, like eating, shopping, etc.  The big idea was not to give you 7 MORE things you should do, but to put a new mission and focus on the activities already in your everyday routine.

4.      I love THE church and I love OUR church. I shared some statistics that were discouraging but as Bill Hybels (pastor of the #5 largest church in the country) says, “the local church is the hope of the world!” I hope you did not think my message was gloom and doom to make you feel guilty or force you to act out of that guilt. It was to hopefully give you a picture of the culture and climate of the Northeast and how we CAN turn hard ground into fertile soil. It just might take time.

5.      You may have noticed I did not actually share anything about how to tell others about receiving Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  That was intentional see # 7

6.      I also…

  • didn’t use the word evangelism 
  • didn’t use the words make disciples nor did I refer to scripture about these commands.

7.      This is where some of you might have thought I dropped the ball. There is nothing we can do that is more important in our lives than share the life-redeeming message of the Gospel and how Jesus went to the cross for us.  This is a message many know about already and yet don’t know at all.  But all too often this message hits walls that have been up for years for one reason or many.  My intent was to give us little things we can do to begin to bring down some of those walls. It may take months, years, or your lifetime.

8.      If you want to talk more I would love to!  Let’s find a locally-owned coffee shop and be regulars.

books and sites:

Multiply by Francis Chan