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Pas. Jim's Blog

Building and Property Update week 1

Garrett Walkup

Hey everybody what an exciting week! We are in the very early stages but it is so encouraging to see how much has changed already! Major excavation has begun on the property.  Our hope is to give you weekly updates as to what is happening.  Please, do not go on the property unless you have permission from the Building Committee.  There are big machines up there and daily the land is changing.  We will post pics as often as we can right here.

Scoop, fill, dump, repeat.

At the beginning of the week they opened up the driveway so the machines could get in.

As the week went on they began stripping off the topsoil and making piles of it.  The purpose is to run it through a screen and sell it. It is very rich soil and will be great for yards and gardens. Proceeds from this will go right back into the building.  More on this in the Spring ’15.

They also began digging up rocks and breaking them into smaller pieces so they can go through a rock crusher which will be on site at a later date.  This rock will then be used on site for driveway, parking lot, drainage, etc.