Property Update #3

Hey everybody Happy Thanksgiving! From this week’s pics (click on each pic to advance) it might not look like there are big changes to the property, but it was another busy and productive week. Thank you Cal and Keith!

Work was done to and around the driveway, trees were cleared, rocks were moved and the access itself was widened.

Along the route 188 side, the property came up several feet which will become the parking lot. 

The property as a whole is more level.

On the lowest part of the property near Old Waterbury Rd, trees were cleared for the storm run-off retention pond.

Lastly more fill and rock was removed from the area in which the building itself will stand.  So far this has been encouraging.  They have not hit ledge which often needs to be blasted and it is very expensive. They have been able to break up the rock with a hammer drill.

Take care and see you Sunday!